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Since being founded in 2008, with over 20 years prior staffed event experience, Monster Event Sales has been producing record breaking events in staggering numbers. Our team is comprised of seasoned veterans and unmatched sales managers, closers and salespeople.


From the beginning, Monster Events has run appox. 47 events a year with one team. That is almost equal to one a week. Our new business is minimal but our repeat business is huge. One of the main reasons, we believe, is NO ONE does this job as honestly, openly, friendly, humbly, clean and EFFECTIVELY as this team does. Your salespeople, managers AND customers truly enjoy this experience.


Don’t take our word for it, call any or all of our dealers on the reference page and ask them for yourself. You see, we are not afraid of posting our dealers knowing our competition is looking. We know that when it comes time for a staffed event, our dealers know who to call. Staffed events companies are a dime a dozen these days.

Most companies pull salespeople and closers from other companies not knowing what they are getting. We, on the other hand, have been a team with the same people for years. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing and vise versa.

If you are looking for an automotive staffed event and direct mail marketing company, you need to call us today.

Let us show you why nobody in this industry does it better.


Linnea Weikleenget-CEO


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